Morgan School of English was founded in November 2011 and launched in January 2012 to cater the needs of busy professionals and learners of English who are preparing to sit for any of the Cambridge Suite ESOL Exams, the IELTS, or the TOEFL through online education. 

Morgan Dunsfield is the founder, head teacher and director of the School. She has been teaching EFL and ESOL since 1987 across North and South America and throughout Europe in proprietary language schools, Further Education Colleges, local community programmes and free State-maintained primary and secondary schools and Academies (KS2 & KS3) in London. Morgan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts (BSL) with a concentration in Education and French from Excelsior College, University of the State of New York, is Cambridge CELTA qualified, DELTA trained, holds the British QTLS status from the Institute for Learning (IfL), and is an active, licensed Teacher member of the Education and Training Foundation in England.

Her experience across an array of sectors and age groups, understanding of the role and importance of technology in the classroom, the workplace, in society and beyond, puts her in a unique place where she is able to bring the best of all worlds into the lesson. 

... "When I first started teaching all we had was a piece of chalk, a blackboard and, if you were lucky, slates for the students to write on. Only about half the students had textbooks, and photocopying was a privilege for the wealthy who could afford it. A mimeograph is what my school had in which to reproduce my handouts that I had to turn in a week in advance to the copy clerk!! That is a far cry from the equipment we boast today. The new normal means having smart boards with internet access in the classrooms, iPads, dedicated servers, cloud storage and printing, e-books, digital pens and graphics tablets. Nano technology will soon make our current tools obsolete as the world will move onto elements like Google Glass, and graphene devices. A teacher shaping minds and forming professionals has, in my view, the obligation to adapt to our new environment and move on with the times in order to blend the two types of literacy that the world requires: the written with the technological." ... 

Central to Morgan's core of values is the learner. Her first and foremost duty has always been her students and their progress, and this passion for teaching and inspiring others through their journey into discovering new things is what has shaped the culture and ethos at Morgan School of English.

It is our sincerest desire and hope that you find the help and inspiration you need to reach new heights as you journey through the world of language learning, and that your new skills, in turn, open up a world of new and exciting opportunities for you.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!


Morgan School of English

London, England 



At Morgan School of English we take student exam preparation very seriously. We WANT YOU to succeed! For this reason, we pledge free training until you pass your Cambridge or IELTS exam if you fail on your first round. Here are the rules:
  1. You follow our recommendations based on the outcome of your initial free assessment and needs analysis
  2. Based on your progress, we will indicate when we feel confident you are ready to sit for your Cambridge or IELTS exam
  3. You will need to scan and email us your official test report in the event of failure in order to qualify for our pledge
  4. CAVEAT: You MUST take your exam within 60 consecutive days from when we inform you of your readiness to sit for it. If you take your exam AFTER that window, you forfeit (lose) your right to our pledge of "free training until you pass". 
  5. If you take the exam BEFORE we tell you that you are ready or if you take the exam despite our best judgement and assessment when we advise you against it, and fail as a result, you forfeit (lose) your right to our pledge of "free training until you pass".  
  6. The choide of the free training programme offered by Morgan School of English will be decided by the School and the course tutor(s) you have had during your initial preparation.
  7. In no way shall our pledge to "free lessons until you pass" exceed one full year of free training from your first attempt at the Cambridge or IELTS exam. 
  8. Students who consistently fail to complete their assignments and show a poor attendance record / performance whilst partaking in the pledge programme will enter a probation period and risk losing their right to their free lessons at the discretion of the School and teaching staff. 
  9. While we put our best foot forward to ensure YOUR success, we also need YOU to take your study seriously and produce your best work possible. Learning a language requires time and tons of practice, practice, and more practice!!